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Bringing home the bacon
Diesel friend chicken
greetings from roswell
corn dog
50's B movie pissed off housewife
I toad you not to speed through here
Holy cow!
cloudy day cowboy
pack of wild cherries last seen outside of souix city
ice cream cone girl
chip tried to hold himself together....
couch potatoes
holly buffalo
giant potato
the fork in the road
face of christ in burned toast
huck and wendy
houston...we have a problem...
holy pugs
traffic is flowing smoothly after this morning's bottlenecks
you think it's a lemon?
first cross of a CEO and a potato
pomme frites
chicken boy
let's make this our last photo dear....
down spot...down
hay...could you turn off the lights?
toe truck
ya know...i've bean thinking...
corn on the car
quick....i think they're sleeping.....
believe me joe...there is nothing going on outside this field....
popcorn chicken
hey...there's a stalled car with children down by the highway...
hay..come down now and no one will get hurt
houston...i have diner...over
wow...alot of ninjas out today huh?
why did the chicken cross the road?'re just chicken..
swarm of bees over hawaii
the morning light revealed their worst fears...